IBC's 2019 Q4 Economic Outlook Survey Released

The IBC's Economic Outlook Survey shares projected trends for the state's economy, which can then be utilized throughout Iowa for business and economic planning purposes. IBC members participate in this survey quarterly. Check out the full report for the latest anticipated trends in employment, sales, and capital spending. read more

Iowa Business Council 2020 Policy Priorities

The Iowa Business Council announced its 2020 state legislative priorities following its final meeting of 2019. read more

Final 2019 Survey Shows Positive Outlook for Iowa Business Council Members

The final economic survey of the year from the Iowa Business Council shows the leaders of the state’s largest businesses are full of optimism for the new year. read more

Iowa's Business Leaders Are Now Pushing For More Child Care Subsidies

Some of Iowa's top corporate executives want the state to expand child care to more low-income families.

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Population and Diversity

Iowa’s population growth has consistently trailed the national average.  Long-term prosperity will be constrained by a lack of people to fill jobs.  

Career Ready Workforce

In order to sustain and grow business and industry in Iowa, we need workers of all skill levels. So, the Iowa Business Council works to align business and education to create a career ready workforce in Iowa. 

Economic Climate

A strong economic climate drives business decision such as hiring, capital investment, availability of jobs and new initiatives.  For businesses to locate, expand and thrive in Iowa, we must create an economic climate that drives growth.  Our members, through research and thought leadership, identify public policy initiatives that will strengthen our economic climate.