IBC’s 2024 Competitive Dashboard Unveiled

The report measures the state’s standing nationally in five categories: economic growth; workforce & education; governance; health & wellness; and demographics & diversity. For each category, Iowa is awarded a cumulative score that determines whether it is outperforming, competitive, or underperforming. read more

IBC's 2023 Q4 Economic Outlook Survey Released

The fourth-quarter survey reveals minimal changes in the overall outlook index although several categories experienced larger shifts. IBC members retain a positive sentiment regarding Iowa’s overall economy.

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IBC Announces 2024 Legislative Priorities

IBC's legislative priorities include efforts to increase Iowa’s tax competitiveness, enhance strategic workforce opportunities that increase Iowa’s talent pipeline, and support policies that improve Iowa’s ability to attract and retain cutting-edge companies.

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Watch Past Iowa Biz Cast Episodes

The Iowa Biz Cast showcases the amazing things Iowa’s largest companies are doing to serve their communities, employees, and bring new technologies, innovations, and talent to Iowa. Watch all episodes now in our Videos tab or by clicking "read more" here. read more

Career Ready Workforce

DEI & Population Growth

Economic Climate

The Economic Outlook Survey has been completed by IBC members on a quarterly basis since 2004. The report provides insight regarding the projected trends for the state of Iowa, which can be used for business and economic planning. The reported trends have a state-wide impact, especially when considering that IBC companies have a presence in all 99 counties. To review previous Economic Outlook Surveys, please visit www.iowabusinesscouncil.org/news/eos.