Population Growth & Inclusion

Stagnant population growth has been among Iowa’s core challenges in recent decades. As Iowa confronts consistent population struggles, long-term prosperity will be constrained due to a shrinking workforce. Iowa must confront its population challenges by rethinking how the state can grow its population. A key tenant of any population growth strategy must be centered around inclusion.

The Iowa Business Council defines inclusion as the intentional and continuous practice of welcoming, embracing, and respecting the dignity of all individuals and all cultures. The IBC further defines inclusion as providing equal access to resources, opportunities, and other forms of advancement while pursuing the removal of all forms of discrimination and intolerance. The IBC rejects racism and discrimination, systemic or otherwise, and will continue to engage, listen, and learn to advance opportunities for all Iowans.  

The IBC is fully committed to advancing inclusive practices throughout its membership and the state of Iowa. The IBC believes inclusion is a fundamental element of corporate success and responsibility. IBC members foster inclusion throughout the workplace and strive to create an environment built on trust, mutual respect, openness, and appreciation for diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The IBC further recognizes the invaluable contributions in innovation, knowledge, and advancement that a welcoming and inclusive work setting cultivates.

Specific to public policy, the IBC identifies federal immigration reform and modernization as an opportunity to increase Iowa’s workforce and talent pipeline. The IBC will continue to engage on this subject and offer perspectives and solutions on how immigration reform will bolster Iowa’s economy and business community.

Initiatives include:

  • Engage on policy initiatives that drive inclusive population growth.
  • Provide statewide business leadership on inclusion.
  • Partner with BEA members and other educational stakeholders.


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