DSM USA Policy HQ - Election 2020 Impact on Business

November 16, 2020

The DSM USA Policy HQ podcast is a monthly conversation between experts on public policy topics impacting business and the relationship between government and the private sector.

The newest episode explores the 2020 Election and its impact on business. Business and government are inextricably linked and by engaging in the political cycle, individuals and businesses expand an already vested interest in election outcomes. To discuss in further detail, the Greater Des Moines Partnership welcomed Joseph Jones, executive director for The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement, and Joe Murphy, executive director of the Iowa Business Council.

Evolving Political Parties in Iowa

Both Jones and Murphy discuss how both of the political parties are changing, in Iowa and across the nation, how they will evolve over the next years and trends in ideology, etc.

Traditionally, business interests tend to support the Republican Party while employee interests tend to support the Democratic Party. Murphy talks about how the political stereotypes can be seen over time, but that businesses and employees depend on each other. If businesses are doing well, that better mean that employees for those businesses are also doing well. At the Iowa Business Council, the following questions are often discussed: 

·      How can they feed the next generation workforce to help businesses?

·      How can they assist Iowans in creating wealth and having a meaningful career? 

Jones agrees, saying traditional boundaries have shifted and it’s not as easy to say that business leaders are Republican and employees are Democratic. 

Murphy says he hopes the issues always center around creating opportunities for Iowans and enhancing the economic vitality of the state. There is a strain on businesses when the talent isn’t available. If a business can’t fill positions and drive the workforce, they will look elsewhere. Jones emphasizes the work-from-home issue and that businesses must be able to create the opportunity for their employees to easily work remotely. Businesses must be looking at factors that will help increase the workforce, including creating inclusion initiatives for people with disabilities. 

The two also discuss the intersection between business and government, the impact of the 2020 election on business and predictions each had for the 2020 election, as well as thoughts on the 2022 mid-term elections and the local elections in 2021.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

The DSM USA Policy Headquarters podcast focuses on public policy topics impacting business and the relationship between government and the private sector. Join us each month to hear from local Greater Des Moines (DSM) experts. To listen to more Partnership podcasts, click here.


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