Iowa's Competitive Dashboard

The Iowa's Competitive Dashboard, our annual, nonpartisan review of the state’s economic climate, was released in February of 2020. The dashboard measures Iowa’s progress in five categories relative to other states and serves as a tool to policymakers and business leaders in determining policies that will elevate Iowa's economy. Similar to the 2019 Dashboard, Iowa ranked in the middle of the pack for four of the five indicators – economic growth, education and workforce, governance, and health and wellness – while receiving a poor performance mark in the demographics and diversity category. For each category, the IBC provides recommendations on continuing positive momentum and addressing challenges to make the state more competitive.

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All the metrics included in the report can be measured consistently across all 50 states, providing an accurate depiction of how Iowa is competing nationally. Each indicator consists of five metrics that are averaged to determine Iowa’s overall performance in that category – competitive, average, or poor. These five metrics are then averaged to determine an overall ranking for each indicator which include: economic growth; workforce and education; governance; health and wellness; and demographics and diversity. The report also includes recommended actions that IBC members developed to help the state improve in each category.

The dashboard, which has been released since 2011, serves as a guide and a tool to policymakers and both business and community leaders when determining policies and pursuing efforts to make Iowa more competitive. IBC members encourage leaders to join in implementing the report's recommendations or to develop their own action items based on this data.

We encourage business and community leaders to join us in implementing these recommendations or to develop their own action items based on this data.

Iowa's Competitive Dashboard


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